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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  December 25, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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the owsn't falling he
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justet but this time tomorrow washington cod be a winr wonderlan good evening. m aon gill crest in for craig melvn. hope you had a good christm day. fora lot of kids it could be a late christmas present but for others, a possible traffic nightmare. massive wint storm expected dump a wholeotf snow up and down the east coast and the nter storm warning goes into effectomorrow morni. kim has the latest. the kpuer models ar coming in as i talk and've been o the phone with chief meteorologi doug and we' been talking about the guince we're usingto track the storm and another odel is starting to back off on some numbs. here's the late. here's what looks like. it'scoming up tonortharolina and virginia and i've be checkingout the trafic cams and this one is north richmond and u can seehe snow coating the highways. it's toughtoee and it's dark but we're watching it andhe snow is definitely here. here it is on our digital ppler.
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the real sweet spot in the storm eastn suburbs, oy? round here in the district, coue of inches. we put it from the three to six but i'm feeling more like the lower end of thscale. the sweet spots are over the delmarva y folks coming up, i'll tell y how much to expect. all that a few minutes away. >> hanks, kim. > normally lots of people hit th road the day afer christmas, tomorrow, to return home. tonight, road crews are getting read ahe of the first flakes here. chris gord is live for us in exandria. >> reporter: the truck behind me is one of a long line rdy to load up with slt and then theyl stay in their trucks all night until they're told to hi the road a asked this driver how long bore you're off duty and he said not until my boss tellse to go home. dot is loading it trucks gettg ready for the snow. 500 tcks are on standby. they could have as many as 17
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on the road by noon if need. they pretreated the roadways on thursday and friday. e rail has extra cre on duty to clear snow from platforms. an stati entrances. it promises improved service this winter and has more th 550 piec of eqpment to tackle swfall at its stations and 20 de-cer trains rdy to treat above-ground tracks. aplanes flew into the 23450i9 keing close to schedule woman aew cancellatio and delays maing passengers happy that they choseo fly on cristmas rather than wait unti sunday. lisa vazquez said good-bye to he family before returnin to miami. >> i lovehenow but i think it's better if i leave now if not, iay not make . >> meaning tomorrow -- >> the snow is going to be all over the place and there may be a dlay inplanes. >> reporter: this family greeted grandparents who flew to washington from flori 37 they
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are originally from columbia a they're not used to this ki of weather. >> do they know the snow is come something. >> , yeh, they know >>snow? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> you ready? >> yeah. i'm ready, ready! cho pri, right? >and then, there's this 3 three mont returning from chicago. >> how much snow is in chicago? >> last niht it was aboutix inches or s so o'probably hav about a fot and a half where we were the north shore. >> some early sunday-morning flights haveeen cancelled. some of the flightses to detroiew york and minneapoli continental airlinesas pre-cancelled 25 flits for tomorrow so if you have a travel plans check befor going tohe airport. as far as roadways, the crews here in virginiaand maryland an d.c. sayhey are ready to roll. that's the latest from v t headquarters in alexandria,
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virginia. aon, back to you. >> chris gorn, thank you. torrow metro buses are running on the normal limited suny schedule. metro say if the weather does get bad it cld limit services for safety reasons. > amtraalso announcing several trains have alrea been ancelled or cut short in and round virginia because of the snow storm. amtrak ccelledrains between richmond and newpt news. the cancellaons are for the rest of theeekend and into monday mornin of course, you can staywith news4 and nbc f continuing coverage ooms of mo storm and when the sw hits the ground, sendsour pictureto weather at nbc christmas took a tragicurn when a car crashed into a barber shop killing three people. ths ppen. the driver hitn immediate yand andaultednto the building. theamage was so bad the family living ithe apartment above had to b evacuated. the guys that workere say this
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is not the firs time this building has beenhit. they say vehicles miss that dian all the time. in potomac, four people are without a home after a christs tree fire. th fire was in the 88200 block of harness tral. montgomery county officls say the fire startein the living room when a le christmas tree decorated with candles caught fire. officials say thereas more tha a million dollars in dage. the president and mrs. obama are spendin their holiday in hawaii but took time to send christm greetings to the nion. in this week's dress, the obamas wished everyone a merry christmas and asd americans to support troops overseas. this month more than 100,000 americansaw the white house christmas decorations. michelle obama ys this year theme was simple gifts. meaning the best present is being witthe ones you lo. still to come tonight, a shooting oside a church this christmas day. police find a cache of weapons inside the gunman's car. resides digging out fom
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that muddy mess in california ma have more problems ahead. and the actor seriously hurt in the producti of "spiderman" is talking abouteturning to the sge. john, what's up sports? cowboys in acti but could ey dig themselves outof an earlier hole. and t heatwave hits the losngeles lakers. losngeles lakers. >and t wizards, have a
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thousands of d.c. residents celebrated christmas wit the cardinal who led mass at the timeasilica at he national rine of the immaculate conception. he waelevated to cardinal by the pope last mouth at the vatican they focused on chstmas is a time of ecommitting to one's faith and sharing it. pope benedi delivered his holiy speech bore a rge crowd at st. peter's sqre. the pontiff encouraged people iving troubled regions arou the world toake hope from the mesge of christmas and he saide hoped christma would inspire respe for human rights afghanian and pakistan. it was also a big turnout for chstmas celebratio in bethlehe pilgrims assembled arnd the church of nativity built on the site where tradition says jesus was born. israeli oicials say about
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100,000 turists visitedhis year, more than twice many as last year. a special tank you to troops in iraq. they spenthe day enjoys a festive lunch butope to be with thir families xt year. they plan -- the plan is to bring homeall troo there by 2011. over in afghanistan, santa made a special sprise to bright, the spirits. troops were treated to a holiday dinner with all theixings and theyhad a concert. the u.s. is planning on drawing down troopsbyuly of next year. a family tradition of working on christmas? 24father/son duo says i feels justike home. [ steve ] i was gistering my citi card
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a man washot a killed outside a mormonemple ne salt ke city today. police say he was fiting with anoth man in the parking lot en officers got to the scene the man was holding a shotgun and refused to p i down. one officer open fire killing him. lace say th found guns, swordand ammunition inside the gunman's car. investigators have not identified the man nor have the said what started that altercation. a massive canup effort in southern california after da ofheavy rain and mudslides. a lot of hesike this one re destroyed after they we literally filled withmud. nine countys have declaed states of emergen and preliminaryamages are timated to be in ttens of millions. good news tonigh for a brdway show plagued with
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problems. the "spderman "turn off the dark" stunt man wan to be back ontage after his we in intensive cae. he underwent back surgery and joins three other spiderman actor who i have been hostalized. one suffered concussion and another broke his wrist. the show which is the most expensive in broaay history ad to canceleveral peormances. christmas is all about spending time with family but what ifamily mixes with rk? one ther/sonuo gave a off the jobto keep people sa. johnndhris elyre firefighter and they say firefighters have a special comradery and they made their firehouse their home away from home, but it wasn't always like that. i can remember so ny christmass him not being there andt was just mom and my siblings openingresents and it's nio have him around. even the chie'sife showed up r a te to make her rounds
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on christmas. she met her sband at a firehouse when they were both volunteers years ago. and we appreate the work at they do. ki you've been working hard allay crunching the numbers andatchinthe computers? >> yes. >> what's the latest. >> i feel like a ping-pg ball. >> th computer models ve bee playing usnd they're coming out with the latest roundof data the weirnumber-crunchi and bringing to you. it looks like -- did we say snow? we're backing of we're going to get sno don't worry. if that's what you want you'll get some. bu the heaviest stuff is pretty far east. delmarva. that's e jackpot. around here, we'll get enough to t the grass whit mary ellis has facebooked me to tell me i king george, virginia, they're aleady seeing snow. and we shed you the traffic camera at the top of the news segme with sno coming in all arourichmond. so our temperatures are in the middle 30s a we have cloudy skies a we're waiting on the
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ow. here's a winter storm warning in effect. pink, 600 a.m. tomorrow through 6:00 a.m. on nday. and already some snowcoming in on live digital doppler in southern maryland, u're probably going to be in the area that gets the most locally for us. charles county,outhern charles cnty, calbert coun and you can see the heavier bands aeady starting so we're watching that fo you and overnight, i'll be adding them up and'll be here bright and early tomorrow morning. here' the beginning. our storm that was going to be taking more of a pa er to the coast andhenp so western suburbs not as much. the winds, they're goi to be fecting everybody,especially tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. we could see wind gustsaround 30 miles an hour. off to t east, gusty winds of 40 miles an hor. the storm is gathering rengths around the southeast. iempered the numbers a lile bit. we hav the three to six over d.c. but downplayi the
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numbers. closer to probly like thre than the six. the sixs going to prince george's county eastf 495 and th beltway. four to eig into lmarvand a few localize higher totals there. western fairx and into lowden and frederick county, not that much. an ch, three at the tops is wha we're tnking, if that. keep your fingers crossed you want snow for that area t i expect a lot of wind with this storm. and that's what's going to be oblematic. the gusty winds andhenou take the time toshovel and clr the snow you don'tant it to below backn tthe car and thstreetnd that's why travelingis going to be a problem. this is alsooingto be bringing blizzrd conditions to new york city. anybodytrying to think about traveling on95 tomorrow? i wouldn plan on iteading north and east out of town it is going to b ghtmare. that road is alady problematic wit heavy snow anticipated north and east of here and is just goin to get worse. we'll recap, an inch or two by noon inside the beltway and maybe another inch or two durg the afternoon. east ofhere, a lot more than
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that. at let four to eit inches the east of the y. and as we pn ead the winds a with us into mony. we'll have a lingering snow sher in the morng and then watch what happenslater this week. we'llo fr snow to a warmup. i believe we'll be back in the 50s come next weeken and anything that comesinto that air mass will behe wet ind o rain. d not sno >> you just becamemy favorite person in th world. >> glad i could help. >>e'll wait for next ekend. thank ou. coming up in sports, what the cowboy-- wouldhe cowboys rally be
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you know, the sports guy, you ntinue on himo have the quintessential christmas tie an sure enough -- >> i have to live enup the set. it's christmas day. brg the christmas cheer. >> we thout we were done with he drama from the we had sins but it turns out it might be the which zashds. not so merry christmas for jervil mcgee. they were suspendedfor conduct debt meant toll team. accordg to "the washington post," they re involvein an altertionutside a d.c. nightclub early friday morni when the two exchang punches. the wizards said it was a simple disagreement byfter fther investigion the teamsaid, they, quote, conducted themselve in anunprofessnal manner, e quote. the suspension will be for tomorrow at sn antonio. nd tomorrow,he miami heat, and the big three, traveled to l.a. to take on the two-tim defending champlakers.
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plenty of a-list celebrities courtside. scley sta loan, kamerion dia and snoop dogg. first quarter action, th highlight othe night. dwyane wade to chris bosh and look below. bosh had 24 points, 13 rebous on the night. miams trying to run the lakers off the court and lebron gets it up aheado dwyane wad f owtime! and misses the dunk! the lakers cowdetting wade he i second quarter, hea up by 11 and be bryant goes to work. he jams it down low but get thi 14 minutes in, that was kobe's first points ofhe game he nishes with 17. d wade gets another cnce to redeem himself. check it out. splits tthe defenders and he's t missing that one. wade had 18 points as miami stretches its lead bac to 10. as for lebron mes, h didn't force thgs tonight. pulls uperefrom deep and
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count it. he would fish with a triple-double. 27points, 11 bods and ten assists. koberyant not so happy on christmas. the heatshut down the lakers, 960. >> this was one of the best tea in the league. we're trying to continue to t better versus those teams and the mii heat is 31 game into the season. we know itill take time and day was a good defensive effort. at's what mii heat basketball is a about. >> more christmasoops in orlando. gilbert arena and the magic. tir woods sitting courtside for ts one. magicjumped out to a 13-0 lead t celtics fight ba. paul pierce down low and dives baseline for e one. ties i want up at 13. pierce had 18oints for the season. second quarr. ame tied at 6. rkoglu finds gilbert arenas here and he pls it for three. he hadjust five points in 25 minutes of action. t a good onefor gilbert.
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fourth quarter, game td at 77 and jamaal nels working the screen. pullback on thre and that's silky smooth and he gives orldo its first ad since early in the game a thawas . e magic beat boston, 86-78, snapping the celtics' 14-game winning seak. moving on down to e garden. derck rose and the bulls visiting amar's stoudemire in neyork. knicks wearing their new unorm. raven felton finds him forhe jam. 20 points, 10 boards and six blocks. ird quarter this was the ighlight for this game. rose drives, fakes omari out of his shoes for tup the and under and ros finishes th 25 points for chicago. for the knics, just t much in thi one. wils chandler here, coming up he'll slip the reen, the pretty alley-oop lay and chandler had 15 and all five knick starters went for double figures and th knicks beat e
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bulls, 103-95. and atale of two asons for the redskin and cowboys. afterweek nine, washgton stat at 4-4. dallas struged just to get to 1-8. but then tngs changed. the cowboys fired theiread coach promotinjason garret winning 4-6. the skins wentn the opposite direction. with e only gam on the nfl schede dall took center stage trying to stay out of last place. theyake it difficult on themselves. early secd quarter, cardinals up 14-3and rookie quarterback, joh skelet, gets it deep for a wide opened on dre' roberts and cuts it back a it's a foot race tthe end. cou he make it? oh, yeah. robert wins is one. arizona up,21-3. and steven mcgee whoreplates jon kitnarlies. mcgee fids miles austin 37-yard bomb touchdown to t mutes to go and cowboys take the ad,
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26-2. cowboys' ges alws come down to the wire. arizona had one more chance and the cdinals get in field goal rae from 47 yards out. could he make it? that's the game-winner. cardinals beat the wboys, 27-26. everyone is happy in izona. quite a christmas day. >> i believe tt. >> kobe couldn't pull it out. >> it happens. >> even to him. defending champs,though. >> thank you, jon. thank you. that's our news for tonight. tune in tomorroworning at 6:00 and 9:00 a.m for the late on the snowtormoming our way. saturday night
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next oc-span, presidt obama was in las vegas, nevada la night where he addressed an election rally for sate majority leader harry reid. >> thank you.


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